Advocates for the Medically Uninsured



Capital Recovery Services, Ltd. (CRS) is a people oriented Accounts Receivable Management organization providing service options to bolster your Accounts Receivables. Acting as an advocate for the medically uninsured, we specialize in securing “state assisted” reimbursement.  partnership imageWorking as an extension of your business office, CRS will stay in contact with the patient and perform all aspects of the application process.  CRS provides a suite of options that can be customized to your particular needs.  All of the options are available at a fixed fee basis.



Our account representatives are trained professionals with over 20 years of experience in insurance, collections, and medical claims. The years of experience have allowed us to develop strong relationships with governmental agencies. The account representatives are trained to know and understand the many intricacies of governmental assistance policies and keep abreast of any changes to assure quick and assured reimbursement. Capital Recovery Services can best assist your staff by providing Medical Assistance counseling on-site during the patient admissions. Our approval rate using this method ranges from 65 to 80 percent. There is no additional charge for this service.



We will locate and assist discharged patients in applying for “retro-active” medical assistance approval. With the first contact is usually made within 48 hours of receiving the case, our representatives will make a minimum of five (5) field visits to the patient’s home to obtain the required documentation.  We will keep all appointments for the patient and provide transportation to and from the County Assistance Office when needed. We diligently pursue each and every case to its conclusion.



The account representatives monitor all aspects of the individual cases to make certain all bases are covered. Our expert staff reviews all cases that do not meet the State requirements. Where applicable, we will appeal and resubmit the case.



We will investigate the insurance status of each patient to determine if there is any remaining viable coverage which may retire the provider’s liability. We will review all enrollment possibilities from inception to reception of payment.